October 9, 2023
8:30 AM – 4:40 PM Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas
Instructor – Carmen Vertullo

This one-day class will bring the basics of fasteners and beyond to industry professionals at International Fastener Expo. It includes the best of Fastener Training Institute’s Fastener Basic Training and Certified Specialist Training™ programs.


Carmen Vertullo has been teaching Fastener Training Institute programs and many others for over 20 years – and he has taught it all. This class is full of his favorite topics and must-knows for every fastener professional and is interactive with learning exercises, case studies, and valuable take-home resources.


  • Types and applications of various threaded and non-threaded fasteners
  • Fastener standards organizations
  • Your fastener technical library
  • Basics of fastener materials
  • Platings, coatings and corrosion prevention for fasteners
  • Best methods for properly tightening fasteners – there’s more to tension than torque
  • Dealing with fastener customer complaints – from small screws to structural bolts
  • Fastener failure investigation – what you need to know to sleep at night
  • Ten things every fastener supplier can do to add value, reduce risk, and increase profits in the fastener supply transaction


The presentations are non-technical, light-hearted and appropriate for all positions and levels of experience in the fastener industry.



The cost to attend is $399 through October 8, 2023. Prices increase to $449 on October 9, 2023.​

About the Instructor

Carmen Vertullo has been instructing fastener professionals in sales, purchasing and quality, as well as end-users, manufacturers and engineers for over 30 years. He established Fastener Testing Laboratories, Fastener Test Methods and sits on Fastener Technical Committees at ASTM, ASME, ISO and RCSC. He has trained our nation’s defense professionals at Naval Nuclear Reactors, the US Army Helicopter Engine Aviation Engineering Directorate, the Pantex Plant – the primary United States nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility, as well as countless OEM’s, Fastener Suppliers, Fastener Manufacturers and Secondary Processors.


His favorite fastener topics and particular areas of expertise include Hydrogen Embrittlement, Structural Bolting, Tightening Strategies, Failure Investigation, Fastener Testing, Manufacturing, Thread Inspection, Fastener Standards, Bolted Joint Design, CAD Fastener Drawings, and Compliance Issues. He is a degreed manufacturing engineer, a US Air Force Veteran and one of the very first Certified Fastener Specialists. Carmen is always open to taking fastener questions and can be reached at or 619-204-1543.