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Monday, October 17
8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
How Fasteners are Made and What Drives the Cost of a Fastener Laurence Claus, NNi Training and Consulting, Inc.

In this all-day class presented by the Fastener Training Institute, fastener expert Laurence Claus takes participants into the fastener manufacturing world and explores why the often under-appreciated components are complex engineering marvels. Participants will gain a basic understanding of the different methods of producing fasteners: cold heading, hot heading and screw machining. Students will learn the advantages and disadvantages of each manufacturing method plus delve into many of the other steps, such as thread rolling, grinding, machining, heat treating and plating that the average fastener may undergo. Students will learn how each of these different processes, as well as raw material and customer expectations, drive what may appear to be a routine run-of-the-mill fastener into a value-added powerhouse of a component. Participants will recognize the cost drivers of value-added products, gain practical fastener knowledge and increase their professional value.

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Tuesday, October 18
8:30 AM – 9:30 AM
Keynote Presentation: INNOVATE! How to Create Relevancy in the Age of Disruption Dirk Beveridge, Founder UnleashWD

85% of distribution leaders believe that they must reinvent their business before someone else does. As you continue to operate the business today, how can you unleash the spirit of innovation to build a relevant, stronger, and more profitable future? The answer will become apparent throughout Dirk’s inspiring and informative presentation as he introduces the five elements of The Innovative Distributor™️.

In this keynote presentation, UnleashWD Founder, Dirk Beveridge will examine:

  • Construct a vision that becomes a unifying force for change
  • Develop a culture of innovation and excellence
  • Distinguish your business through an innovative value proposition
  • Examine your business model relevance
  • Identify your leadership readiness along the spectrum of distributors
Tuesday, October 18
10:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Aerospace Fasteners – Presented by the Fastener Training Institute® Laurence Claus, NNi Training and Consulting, Inc. In this presentation Mr. Claus will explore how requirements for aerospace fasteners set them apart from other fastener market segments. Mr. Claus will introduce some of the fastening technology unique to aerospace fasteners. He will introduce different categories of aerospace fasteners including Pin and Collar fasteners, Blind bolts and rivets, Solid Rivets, Inserts, Nut Plates, Wrenchable Nuts, Bolts and Screws, and Honeycomb Fasteners. Mr. Claus will also briefly explain what systems and credentials an aerospace fastener supplier must possess.
Tuesday, October 18
10:45 AM – 11:30 AM
Why 3D Printing Will Have An Impact On Fasteners AJ Strandquist, Würth Additive Group 3D printing presents obstacles and opportunities in the world of fasteners, both their consumption and production. It’s happening already in some upscale markets but as the technology becomes more cost effective it’s impact will grow.
Tuesday, October 18
12:45 PM – 1:15 PM
Boosting Automation and Productivity: Everything You Need to Know About APIs and Integration Lonni Kieffer; Brandi Bertoia; Brad Burel, SmartCert by Aramid Your goal is to streamline internal processes and minimize wasted labor. In this session, we’ll explain how APIs enable new features in ERPs and legacy systems and discuss how businesses in the Fastener industry are leveraging new technology to work smarter.
Tuesday, October 18
1:30 PM – 2:00 PM
The 5 Ideals of the Ecommerce Experience Jason Hein, Bloomreach The first 20 years of B2B e-commerce have primarily focused on one element: “standing up the store”. As technologies have gotten easier to use, launching an e-commerce site has become almost standardized. “Out of the box” solutions and API-driven “headless” architecture have simplified the process of starting a B2B commerce website easier than it’s ever been. But now what? It is no longer enough to simply *be* online when it’s so easy for your competition to also “be” online. Simply existing isn’t enough – companies have to raise the bar to offer a customer experience that stands out for buyers. But what does it mean to improve the way customers experience an e-commerce site? In this session, attendees will learn a simple set of tools that anyone can use to objectively evaluate how customers assess a website’s commerce experience and systematically set objectives to identify and prioritize the work needed to build a site that can compete not by being the cheapest, not by being the biggest, but by being the easiest for customers to do business with.
Wednesday, October 18
1:30 PM – 2:00 PM
How to Succeed During the Most Unusual Job Market in American History Nelson Valderrama, Intuilize According to the Washington Post, the labor shortage is here to stay. And many in the Industrial Distribution industry are finding it difficult to fill positions (e.g. Operations, Purchasing or Sales Manager) as the older generation retires. But, not all is doom and gloom. In fact, the labor shortage is challenging companies to think differently about how they operate. This session will explore how to manage the labor shortage in your business through rethinking operations. It will also challenge you to re-examine the required skills in your operations to pave the way to a strong business in 2022 and beyond


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