How does the AI-powered matchmaking process work?

The AI-powered matchmaking engine is a self-learning system that will continually deliver more intelligent recommendations to users, the more they engage with the platform.

How do recommendations work in IFE Match?

Recommendations are based on user profile data and a user’s interactions. The platform will make recommendations through interest matches and complimentary metadata in user’s profiles. As user’s show interest towards specific profiles, our AI platform learns and provides new recommendations based on your positive interactions. Recommendations will be provided during the entire event. Leads will be served to you by groups of 10. This is why it is very important to optimize your profile.

How long will the platform be available after the event?

The platform will be available until November 6th.

Why do I need to edit my Profile when I access IFE Match?

When you login to the IFE Match platform for the 1st time, we already have your profile with basic information collected at registration (FirstName/LastName/CompanyName). In order for you to get the most out of this event and connect with the most relevant leads, your profile will need to be optimized to reflect your true interests and the solutions you offer during the event. To update your profile, you will Navigate and click on the “profile” icon in the top right hand corner of the screen. Make sure your Headline and Summary are updated.

Why do I need to update my availability in IFE Match?

In order to connect at the times that work best for you, you will need to update your calendar availability in IFE Match. The reason for this is when anyone schedules a meeting, both meeting requestor and recipient(s) calendars are observed to suggest times that are available for all parties. Avoid overlaps with your sessions and meetings.

What happens if a handshake is rejected (skipped)? Is the exhibitor or attendee notified?

If a ‘handshake’ is ‘skipped’, the exhibitor or attendee ‘skipped’ will not be notified. Skipping is anonymous. You can also ‘unskip’ someone.

Can I request a meeting with people even if we didn’t match with them?

Yes, you can search for them or go to the attendee list and request a meeting.

How do I cancel or reschedule a meeting?

Meetings can be rescheduled or cancelled after the initial meeting request has been accepted. The requestor or recipient have the ability to cancel or reschedule the meeting. They will have to find the meeting in the “my schedule” tab. From there they can cancel or reschedule the meeting.

Can exhibitors get a data download of the people who showed interest in their company?

– If your company is using ‘Teams’, you will be able to download the list of contacts made during the event
– You will also be able to download the list of meetings scheduled during the event
– You will not be able to audit the number of participants who have shown interest in your company, the leads will need to be converted into connections first
– All exports are under CSV format

Can attendees export their meeting information?

At any point during the event, attendees can go to their profile and export the list of all their meetings in CSV format.