Fast Facts: A Quick Reference for Rivet Nuts

At IFE 2023 attendees got a first-hand look at rivet nut solutions through a case study presented by Sherex Fastening Solutions. Let’s break down the basics of rivet nuts and recent advances to these fasteners.

3 Technologies Ready for the Distribution Industry Now

This IFE 2023 session presented by ALOX ERP Founder, Anders Green, explored 3 technologies that are impacting the distribution industry. Learn more about how these technologies are being used and how they will transform the future of distribution.

Top Tools to Consider in Strengthening Your Fastener Business and Bottom Line

The ability to identify, mitigate, and navigate risks is paramount for sustained success and growth. At IFE 2023, panelists came together to discuss the resources that organizations must adopt to build and enhance their resilience.

Optimas Presents at IFE 2023 on Exploring Near-Shore Sourcing Strategies for OEMs and Distributors

Many senior executives in different sectors intend to move parts of the supply chain closer to home. Daniel Harms, CEO, Americas at Optimas Solutions dug into the topic of near-shoring, examining the benefits, strategies, and more.

Securing Success: The Vital Role of Mentorship in the Fastener Industry

The fastener industry demands not just technical expertise but also a deep understanding of its intricate nuances and ever-evolving trends. YFP presented on the invaluable role of mentorship at IFE 2023.

6 Tips to Keep Your Fastener Business Secure from Cyber Attacks

During IFE 2023, Will Snyder, Co-Founder and COO of WTC - Business Technology Services, brought his knowledge and expertise of cyber security to attendees ready to learn more about keeping their fastener business safe from this all-too-common threat.