Exploring Steel’s Vital Role in Aerospace

The aerospace industry has come a long way since the Wright Brothers successfully flew their first wooden airplane. Since then, the use of steel has significantly impacted aerospace processes and products – learn more in this blog post.

Exciting Special Events at IFE 2024

Are you gearing up for the 2024 International Fastener Expo? Get ready for an impressive array of special events that promise to add an extra layer of excitement and engagement to your time at IFE 2024.

WIFI Spotlight: Michelle Curry of Sems and Specials

In partnership with WIFI, IFE is excited to spotlight WIFI member, Michelle Curry, including how she got started in the fastener industry and how WIFI has helped her build a sense of community that goes beyond just work.

Key Takeaways for Rockwell Automation’s 9th Annual State of Smart Manufacturing Report

Rockwell Automation's 9th annual State of Smart Manufacturing Report has unveiled a landscape of challenges and opportunities for the industry. Surveying over 1,500 manufacturers, the report highlights a focus on technology implementation.

Ergonomic Technologies for Warehouse Workers

The well-being of warehouse employees is paramount. We will delve into ergonomic technologies for warehouse workers, exploring the latest innovations that reduce injuries, improve efficiency, and empower workers to perform at their best.

Cold Forming Equipment and Technology

Fastener Technology International (FTI) magazine regularly features Roundup Articles covering diverse technology topics. A recent issue highlighted cold forming, with contributions from equipment and service suppliers that you can meet at IFE 2024.