A Fresh Look at the Customer Journey in Manufacturing in the Digital Economy

In manufacturing organizations, the customer is always the ruler, and buying experiences tend to demonstrate the value of this sentiment. Manufacturers who want to capitalize on the new digital B2B and B2C trends should reconsider how they build cust

Why the “Video Salesperson” Is the New Traveling Salesman

With multiple content marketing strategies available to industrial suppliers and distributors, using video sales in manufacturing is a way to enhance your traditional sales teams. B2B ecommerce relies on your company reaching different prospective cu

What is Customer Managed Inventory and Why Should You Offer It?

Customer managed inventory is a way for you to get your inventory in the hands of your customers without you having to physically manage it yourself. It’s less work for you than traditional vendor managed inventory while still offering rapid replen

Why Industrial Manufacturers and Distributors Are Investing in B2B Ecommerce

An increasing number of manufacturers and distributors are investing in B2B ecommerce. According to Digital Commerce 360, two-thirds of distributors today have an ecommerce website, and 40% of their business is generated electronically. A PWC survey

How Image Recognition for Manufacturing Is Redefining Parts Identification in Fasteners

Parts identification in fasteners has traditionally been a manual procedure that relies on the human eye to distinguish a specific part. While recognizing components with the naked eye is relatively accurate, it is not always the most precise means o

Tariff-Proofing Your Distribution Business With Simple Data Analytics

If you’ve been in the industrial distribution industry for any significant amount of time, you’ve no doubt lived through what I like to call “the murmurs”. The cause of the murmurs has changed many times throughout the years — looming autom