How Image Recognition for Manufacturing Is Redefining Parts Identification in Fasteners

Parts identification in fasteners has traditionally been a manual procedure that relies on the human eye to distinguish a specific part. While recognizing components with the naked eye is relatively accurate, it is not always the most precise means o

Tariff-Proofing Your Distribution Business With Simple Data Analytics

If you’ve been in the industrial distribution industry for any significant amount of time, you’ve no doubt lived through what I like to call “the murmurs”. The cause of the murmurs has changed many times throughout the years — looming autom
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5 Steps For Managing Your E-Commerce Migration

As industrial distributors, many of us have spent our careers focusing on specialization. Distributors traditionally win when they can become the best at selling very specific things at very high volumes — but that can also lead us to being very sl

The Impact Of E-Commerce On The Fastener Industry

Today, even the fastener industry isn’t exempt from e-commerce. Whether you have a B2B or B2C, your customers expect e-commerce from you.  Even though e-commerce is critically important to any business seeking to continue its growth, the fastener

How The Fastener Industry Can Approach E-Commerce

Brian Beck, is the founder and president of Beck ECommerce. Brian has 20+ years of experience, including over 15 years as a C-level Ecommerce executive, he’s also a recognized expert known for helping manufacturers, brands, and distributors drive t