The Great Redefinition – 3 Key Takeaways from IFE 2022 Keynote

After traveling over 31,000 miles and 100s of on-the-job interactions with distributors across the US, Dirk Beveridge was ready to share his industry findings with IFE 2022 attendees.

Upskilling and Reskilling the Fastener Workforce

With the war for talent being a prominent hurdle across every industry, fasteners included, it is paramount that companies focus on investing in the talent that they already have. Jil Allen, HR Director at Birmingham Fastener lends her HR expertise a

How Will the Trend Toward Remote Work Impact Manufacturing?

Remote working is now the new norm. However, not all jobs can easily accommodate this change. With more than 13 million U.S. workers employed by the manufacturing industry, it’s daunting to implement this significant shift. The established noti

Why the “Video Salesperson” Is the New Traveling Salesman

With multiple content marketing strategies available to industrial suppliers and distributors, using video sales in manufacturing is a way to enhance your traditional sales teams. B2B ecommerce relies on your company reaching different prospective cu

Magnet for Millennials: Attract New Talent

To the unfamiliar, the fastener industry may seem old-fashioned. However, the fastener industry is an ever-changing, ever-growing, advanced industry. Without it, worldwide manufacturing would come to a halt. Imagine trying to build a car or a compute

Work Skills Manufacturers Need for the Next Industrial Revolution

News flash. Well-paying, manufacturing jobs are back – and going to keep growing.  Conventional wisdom presumes that manufacturing jobs don’t require much training or skill. Such belief is pure fallacy. Today’s problem isn’t a dearth of