Influence and Impact: Leadership’s Role in Quality Culture

A strong quality culture goes beyond just having quality control measures in place; it involves fostering a mindset and environment where every employee is dedicated to meeting or exceeding customer expectations. How do leaders maintain an effective

Succession Planning in the Fastener Industry

As seasoned professionals retire and demand for innovation grows, companies in the fastener industry must strategically plan for leadership transitions.

Securing Success: The Vital Role of Mentorship in the Fastener Industry

The fastener industry demands not just technical expertise but also a deep understanding of its intricate nuances and ever-evolving trends. YFP presented on the invaluable role of mentorship at IFE 2023.

How to Do Business in Europe

For a US company it can prove to be quite difficult to get your product into the European market. Bart Vandezande, CEO of Anemo Engineering, shares his tips and tricks for breaking into the EU fastener market.

IFE is Excited to Welcome Jake Hall as the 2023 Keynote Speaker

Before the official opening of the Exhibit Hall on October 10, Jake Hall AKA the Manufacturing Millennial, will take to the stage to deliver a keynote session you won’t want to miss.

WIFI Spotlight: Getting to Know Rosa Hearn AKA Rosa the Riveter

In partnership with Women in the Fastener Industry (WIFI), IFE is excited to spotlight WIFI member, Rosa Hearn. Learn more about her take on WIFI sisterhood and how this association has helped shape her professional career.