Housing for IFE 2024 is not currently available and will open in May, EventSphere is IFE’s official housing vendor. Emails and solicitations from any other company are not associated with the show and are potentially dangerous. 

Housing for IFE 2024 Will Open this Spring

Benefits of booking within the official housing block include:
• Discounted Rates for guests
• Flexible cancellation policies
• Exclusive promotions and perks
• Discounted rates on upgrades
• Reservation relocation protection

Please email fasteners@eventsphere.com if you have any questions.

Reservations are provided by EventSphere, the official housing partner of the International Fastener Expo.

*PLEASE NOTE* – Some available hotels may not be official Fastener hotels, and are in no way affiliated with IFE. Should an official IFE hotel be available, please know that the contracted IFE discounted rate may no longer be available due to the proximity of the event.