A Comprehensive Overview of Structural Washers

Structural washers are crucial components, ensuring bolted joints remain secure. They come in various materials and coatings to withstand different environments. Understanding their types and uses is essential for ensuring structural integrity.

Smarter Spending: How Predictive Analytics Can Slash Manufacturing Costs

Machine learning predictive maintenance can save your business money by reducing downtime, optimizing maintenance schedules, and extending equipment life. Unlock cost savings and efficiency improvements with this innovative technology.

Fast Facts: A Quick Reference for Rivet Nuts

At IFE 2023 attendees got a first-hand look at rivet nut solutions through a case study presented by Sherex Fastening Solutions. Let’s break down the basics of rivet nuts and recent advances to these fasteners.

Top Tools to Consider in Strengthening Your Fastener Business and Bottom Line

The ability to identify, mitigate, and navigate risks is paramount for sustained success and growth. At IFE 2023, panelists came together to discuss the resources that organizations must adopt to build and enhance their resilience.

USPTO Fastener Patents

Every issue of Fastener Technology International (FTI) magazine,, contains an article summarizing fastener-related patents that have been recently awarded by the United States Patent Office (USPTO), Here are excerp

Sorting & Inspecting Fasteners

Every issue of Fastener Technology International magazine contains Roundup Articles on various technology subjects. The subject of sorting and inspecting fasteners was covered recently and featured contributions from suppliers who will be at IFE 2023