Get Ready for Your Next Gemba Walk

If gemba walks are new to your toolkit as a manager or you are looking to refresh your approach with the start of a new year, we’ve got key info to make the most of your next walk.

New Innovations In Store at Nucor

Last month, Nucor Corporation announced its equity investment in Colorado-based startup, Electra, who is developing a process to create zero-carbon iron used to produce steel. Let’s look closer at this climate-friendly innovation.

Automotive Fasteners Take the Driver’s Seat

Explore the trends and growth of automotive fasteners, the largest market of industrial fasteners.

Is a Smart Inventory Management Approach Right for your Business?

Most companies are planning significant changes to their inventory management strategies. One way in which companies are doing this is through technology. Learn more about tech trends and how to source the right software solutions for your business.

The Impact of Corrosion on Fasteners (and How to Prevent It)

All fasteners need to last at least as long as the items to which they’re attached. You rely on fasteners to hold items together and create structural integrity. If a fastener corrodes it degrades that structural integrity and could cause the e

4 Answers About Aerospace Fastener Standards

Aerospace fasteners are used in a variety of aircraft applications. These range from a commercial jumbo jet to a military black hawk. In fact, the American Fastener Journal states that aerospace fasteners represent the “largest bill of material”