The Distributors Guide to Inflation

You can’t scroll through the news without seeing inflation in the headlines. Let’s explore some insights and best practices from Nelson Valderrama, CEO of Intuilize, that will help distributors navigate inflation and grow their margins.

How Have Supply Chains Responded to Advances in Technology and Where Are They Headed

Let’s pull back the curtain and look at PwC’s recent supply chain survey to learn more about how manufacturers are dealing with the supply chain challenges and best prepare for opportunities and future success in 2023 with the use of technology.

Everything You Need to Know About Fastener Storage

Considering the wide range of applications that fasteners have in the manufacturing, assembly and production industries, it’s remarkable that there isn’t more attention on how you store your fasteners. The incorrect approach to fastener storage c

What is Customer Managed Inventory and Why Should You Offer It?

Customer managed inventory is a way for you to get your inventory in the hands of your customers without you having to physically manage it yourself. It’s less work for you than traditional vendor managed inventory while still offering rapid replen

Why Industrial Manufacturers and Distributors Are Investing in B2B Ecommerce

An increasing number of manufacturers and distributors are investing in B2B ecommerce. According to Digital Commerce 360, two-thirds of distributors today have an ecommerce website, and 40% of their business is generated electronically. A PWC survey